Temporary Car Insurance Anyone???

oneweekcarinsurance.co.uk, a short term car insurance company, isn't the first thing you'd think of. Our customers like it, that's all I can say. It sure beats the old fortune cookies. I haven't decided whether we can keep it up or it has to be temporary. Right now the buzz is worth it, you know?

Actually there's quite a lot I can say about it. When Joy came in with her latest promotional brainstorm (you do know Joy, right? She's about 5'6', red hair, blue eyes? Drives a yellow car--convertible--talks like a oriole on way too much caffeine?) it's true at first I thought she'd gone 'round the bend, as they say. With her I have a kind of insurance, though. I give her a plate of potstickers, which she loves, and it calms her down.

You can sit there. Don't mind that, it's temporary. Does your boy want this toy car to play with?

Temporary car insurance? Sure, you buy it in England from HERE.

So yeah, she comes in, she's talking a mile a minute, she says she's got this idea how we're gonna find a new fortune cookie vendor, someone in town who can make 'em, and it's going to be like this weird insurance lottery where customers collect these little strips of paper from the cookies, and if they match you can get that amount deducted from your car insurance deductible. Something like that. I mean Joy sometimes has good ideas that need to get refined, you know? I think she must've had a little car accident that day made her think about insurance. Don't tell her I said that.

Turned out there was this cooking club at the Chinese grocery on Marr looking for a baking project, and one of them happens to be an insurance agent for her real job, right? So I'm telling her about Joy and she starts talking cross-promotion, social media, all this stuff. She's the one who had the idea to reference real incidents local people've had in their cars. What's funny is some people don't know we get the cookies made here in town, but they know about these car problems their friends've had. Yeah. They get this look like they're baffled. Gives me some temporary relief from the--

Anyway so I wasn't that keen on the insurance angle, the whole idea of Chinese lunch savin' you money on car insurance doesn't really add to my atmosphere, that whole asian exoticism thing, but I'm not Chinese anyway as you can see. So we're givin' it a go 'cause I like Joy (she keeps saying she's temporary there at the radio station but she's been there like two years now) and it seems to be workin', like I said  ......

Copyright: Jane Parr 2010